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Canister & Wet/dry

Canister & Wet/dry

Canister and Wet/Dry vacuums will increase productivity and tackle the toughest cleaning challanges. The best commercial vacuums from Clarke, Windsor and more!

  • *DEMO* Karcher NT 45/1 Tact

    *DEMO* Karcher NT 45/1 Tact

    *Showroom Model Clearance* The NT 45/1 Tact is a handy and strong wet/dry vacuum cleaner for commercial applications. It is equipped with the innovative and patented auto filter cleaning system Tact. The NT 45/1 Tact provides full accessory that can easi More Info
  • Karcher NT 68/1

    Karcher NT 68/1

    Kärcher NT 68/1 18-gallon wet/dry vacuum offers efficient water pick up with its unique front-mounted and self-adjusting squeegee assembly. More Info
  • Karcher T 12/1 Cul

    Karcher T 12/1 Cul

    Kärcher T 12/1 is an efficient and quiet vacuum cleaner perfect for contract cleaners, hotels, restaurants, offices, shops, hospitals and private households. More Info
  • NT 25/1 Ap

    NT 25/1 Ap

    Karcher NT 25/1 Ap is a mobile, compact professional wet/dry vacuum cleaner. More Info
  • NT 30/1 Tact Te HEPA

    NT 30/1 Tact Te HEPA

    Kärcher NT 30/1 Tact Te with power outlet (automatic on/off switch) and Tact filter cleaning for uninterrupted work. More Info
  • NT 40/1 Tact Te HEPA

    NT 40/1 Tact Te HEPA

    Kärcher NT 40/1 Tact Te wet and dry vacuum cleaner with Tact filter cleaning system and 10.3 gallon rugged container for long, uninterrupted operation. More Info
  • NT 48/1

    NT 48/1

    Karcher NT 48/1 commercial wet dry vac. This machine is a very robust, functional and powerful wet/dry vacuum cleaner with optimal ergonomic properties, by compact construction, which is developed for the specific needs of contract cleaners, automotive- More Info
  • NT 50/1 Tact Te HEPA

    NT 50/1 Tact Te HEPA

    Kärcher NT 50/1 Tact Te wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a 13.5 gallon container, adjustable push handle, drain hose and integrated power outlet. More Info
  • NT 65/2 Tact²

    NT 65/2 Tact²

    The Karcher NT 65/2 Tact² is supplied with the entire antistatic package as standard. The system tackles even large amounts of fine dust. More Info
  • Windsor Recover 12 wet/dry vacuum

    Windsor Recover 12 wet/dry vacuum

    Tough and versatile wet/dry cleaning. Available with or without 26" Front Mounted Squeegee. More Info