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Floor Pads

Floor Pads

HomePro features Americo floor pads. Made in the USA, this extensive floor care pad selection offers the best range and quality in the industry. Whether stripping, cleaning, or polishing, we have the floor pads you need for your automatic floor scrubber, burisher, or low-speed floor machine.

  • 24" Spot Velcro Mop

    24" Spot Velcro Mop

    IPC Eagle 24" Spot Microfiber Velcro Mop Color-coded Tabs More Info
  • 3M Scotch-Brite Purple Diamond Pads

    3M Scotch-Brite Purple Diamond Pads

    Diamond formula floor pad to simultaneously clean and polish your floor to achieve an outstanding shine. Ideal for cleaning & polishing marble, terrazzo, vinyl, slate and polished concrete floors. Cleans and polishes without the use of chemi More Info
  • 3M Trizact Diamond HX

    3M Trizact Diamond HX

    Our Tile and Grout 4.75 x 10 Gold Pad is best on grouted tile floors, but can be used very effectively on terrazzo, poured non-slip, concrete and other uneven floors. Use wet on several surfaces. More Info
  • Blue Pad Driver

    Blue Pad Driver

    This medium to heavy duty 5.25 x 10.5 inch Square Scrub Blue Pad can be used for heaver cleaning and buffing situations but primarily used as a spacer pad. Always check spacer and driver pads frequently for wear and replace as needed. Use wet or dry on VC More Info
  • Microfiber Carpet Pad

    Microfiber Carpet Pad

    Combined with our carpet encapsulation cleaner, the Square Scrub Microfiber Carpet Pad deep cleans even the highest-traffic carpeting. Quick drying time. Use wet on any carpeted surface. For 20 inch machines only. More Info
  • Pro Sandpaper (10 / case)

    Pro Sandpaper (10 / case)

    This Pro Sandpaper is double-sided and longer lasting than standard sandpaper, cutting paper usage drastically. Comes in grits ranging from the ultra-aggressive 16 grit to the popular 100 grit. Use these for smoothing wood surfaces without chemicals. BOTH More Info
  • Red Pad Driver

    Red Pad Driver

    This light duty 20 inch Square Scrub Red Pad gives best results in a light cleaning and buffing situation. Primarily used as a spacer pad. Use wet or dry on VCT and tile. 5 per case. More Info
  • Sandpaper (20 / case)

    Sandpaper (20 / case)

    Our Sandpaper comes in a variety of grits to tackle any wood floor needs. Use these for smoothing wood surfaces without chemicals. Use the White Driver Pad P1420DRIVER or P1428DRIVER. Use dry on wood flooring or decks. 20 Grit, 20 inch Sandpaper. More Info
  • SAP (Square Abrader Plate)

    SAP (Square Abrader Plate)

    Carbide Tungsten 13 x 19 steel abrader tool. Designed for heavy duty use, including removing linoleum, glue or paint on concrete. Use wet on concrete. Single Serving. More Info
  • Screens (10 / case)

    Screens (10 / case)

    Sandscreens are ideal for finish removal or repair of wood floor surfaces, such as gym floors. Can be used to repair painted floor surfaces. Both sides of the screen can be used. Use with Red Driver Pad (P1420RED). Use wet or dry on wood or painted concre More Info