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(Demo Model) Windsor Saber Blade 16 Cylindrical Scrubber

Windsor Saber Blade 16 inch Cylindrical Automatic Floor Scrubber compact design provides powerful scrubbing in congested areas.

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Windsor Saber Blade 16 Cylindrical micro scrubber

Clean anywhere with this compact, lightweight, 16"" upright micro-scrubber. 

  • Durable construction
  • Compact design provides powerful scrubbing in congested areas
  • Cylindrical brush cleans and squeeges and vacuum leave floors dry, allowing you to quickly and safely return the area to service
  • Dirt and contaminants are captured and removed from the floor without worker contact
  • Simple to use controls make training & operation simple
  • Easy to fill and empty
  • No tool brush and squeegee removal for easy maintenance 

Technical Specs

Working Width: 16"" (400mm)
Brushes: Two 16"" (400mm) - Cylindrical
Brush Speed: 660 rpm
Brush Motor: 1.5 hp (1100 watts)
Solution Capacity: 2.5 Gallons (10 liters)
Solution Flow: 25-.3 Gallons/min ( 1-1.2 liters/min)
Recovery Capacity: 2.5 Gallons (10 liters)
Vacuum Motor: .6 hp (500w)
Dimensions: 20.5"" x 18.5"" x 15""
Deck Height: 15""
Weight: 66 lbs
Noise Level: 77 dBA

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