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Evolve ALL DUTY INDUSTRIAL Cleaner 203

Agaia Evolve ALL-DUTY INDUSTRIAL CLEANER 203 is an extremely powerful non-toxic cleaner capable of removing both LIGHT & HEAVY soil & waste from all surfaces. (1 gallon) **clearance priced 50% off**

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Please see Hardcore Industrial Degreaser

Agaia Evolve ALL DUTY INDUSTRIAL Cleaner 203 (1 Gallon)

Product Details

Evolve ALL-DUTY INDUSTRIAL CLEANER 203 is an extremely powerful non-toxic cleaner capable of removing both light & heavy soil & waste from all surfaces. EVOLVE encapsulates soil and prevents re-deposition on cleaned surfaces. Evolve SIGNIFICANTLY outperforms chemical cleaners. Green SealTM-Certified

Certified Dilution Rate-1:32

Also Available in Case of 4 Gallons, 5 Gallon pail, 15 gallon drum, 55 gallon drum.

About Evolve

Evolve® is the new standard for commercial and industrial cleaning. With the introduction of its next-generation Active-Capture® technology, manufactured exclusively from all-natural and renewable ingredients, Evolve products' unique formulation achieves what others only hope to be: Green and Effective!

Renewable, Naturally.

Manufactured from natural ingredients in North America, Evolve brand People, Planet, and Animal Safe™ technology activates powerful cleaning and neutralizing traits inherent in nature itself, creating a safer, more powerful method of cleaning.

Cleaning has never been so easy.

Evolve Janitorial & Housekeeping is a new line of products for keeping your carpeting in any facility clean. Effective, powerful and natural, Evolve remains amazingly cost-effective at B2B and Corporate levels.

Making the world clean and safe for millions of your customers is a tough job. Evolve makes it easy, affordable, and safe—by eliminating toxic fumes, acids, and other hazardous chemicals. We are making a difference one mess and one company at a time.

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